Safety Home Way Companion App - Call help via speech recognition

Sicherheit Heimweg Begleitung App - myBodyguards®

Are you on your way ?

Let yourself be accompanied by myBodyguards® !

myBodyguards® gives you a better feeling in every day life.

You can be accompanied by a friend via IOs / Android App, if you feel uncomfortable.

Your personal bodyguard sees your current position and you can chat or make a call directly with your bodyguard.

What is the advantage of myBodyguards® ?

Compared to a call with a friend, myBodyguards® offers you a number of advantages:

1. A friend can accompany you on your way. He can see your location and you can chat directly via the app or start a call by pressing a button or start an individual help call.

2. In case of emergency, a precise emergency call can be triggered and your location can be passed on to professional services by your bodyguard.

3. Call help via speech recognition! In emergency situations, possibly there is no time or you are physically unable to reach for your phone, unlock it and call a friend or professional services. With myBodyguards® you can start an emergency call without touching your mobile by simply choosing a word, which triggers the emergency call.